Entrepreneurship and Innovation

a) Financial Incentives to Microenterprises

The entrepreneurship projects accompanied by our organization, focus on the slope of financial support which is given to the entrepreneur. Are identified and used the resources and means available for Public and Private Agencies to allow a financial leverage of the Business Activity.

Programs as "Creating own Job to benefiting from the advance of unemployment benefits" or the program "Stimulus" are two lines which are proved fundamental for numerous entrepreneurs that risk to put into practice their own business ideas. 

b) Tourism Project Finance

In terms of tourism, incentive-based instruments and financing of new business ideas are assumed as vectors in the development and reuse of business activities.

The New Tourism National Strategic Plan (Plano Estratégico Nacional do Turismo - PENT), promoted by Competitiveness and Technology Pole "Tourism 2015" (Pólo de Competitividade e Tecnologia "Turismo 2015"), aims to develop infrastructure projects that enhance the context of the development of Tourist activity in Portugal, allowing a split reinvestment and supported on new activities that stimulate and promote the local economy. Cases of Wine Tourism (Enoturismo) and the "Rural Tourism" ("Turismo Rural") for example, result from a new perspective of reuse of resources from wine and agriculture activities, providing additional value to activities which for natural reasons take the manner of seasonal. 


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